Refined Crumbs White Bird’s Nest

Refined crumbs white bird’s nest is both economical and brings great health to the whole family.

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▌ What is refined crumbs white bird’s nest?

Refined crumbs white bird’s nest are broken, broken parts of raw white bird’s nest due to collection and transportation that have been cleaned of 100% of fluff and impurities.

    • Origin: Bird’s nest is collected at Nha Trang Salanganes House Co., Ltd.
    • List price: 3,500,000 / 100g
    • Packaging: 30g, 50g, 100g

▌ What are the nutritious ingredients in the refined crumbs white bird’s nest?

Refined Crumbs White Bird’s Nest   contains 31 trace elements, very rich in Ca, Fe. Salanganes’Nest elements useful for nerve and memory stability such as Mn, Br, Cu, Zn have a high content …

In addition, the composition of bird’s nest also has 18 amino acids, some with very high levels such as aspartic acid, Serine, Tyrosine, Leucine, … are substances that have a quick effect of recovering damage from radiation exposure or toxic.

▌ Who should use refined crumbs white bird’s nest?

Refined crumbs white bird’s nest has the purpose of enhancing the body’s immune system, cleansing the lungs and respiratory organs, has the ability to regenerate the skin, fight aging, help balance the metabolism process in the body, especially support patients during the treatment of some common diseases … The subjects should use bird’s nests to foster health such as:

    • Children.
    • Healthy women, need beauty.
    • Pregnant women.
    • Elder.
    • Patients during treatment.
    • Healthy people should use bird’s nest regularly will help strengthen the immune system, increase the body’s resistance.

▌ What are benefits of Refined Crumbs White Bird’s Nest?

Enhancing health, extending life: Eating oats continuously after 1 time will keep the body young, healthy, less sick, thus improving health, extending life.

Improving the quality of life:  Swallow nest also works to improve sexual activity, has a tonic effect on the lungs, cleanses the airways, helps to improve the status of asthma, to excessive sputum in the lungs and throat, to combat cough, coughing up blood and tend to have tuberculosis. In addition, bird’s nest is also good for the heart and blood circulation.

Good for pregnant women: Using bird’s nest during pregnancy increases the health of both mother and child. Women who use bird’s nest soup after childbirth will quickly become slimmer, slimmer and preserve their beauty. The function of the stomach and spleen are weak, feeding children with oats can improve and supplement the nutritional deficiency, healthy and fast growth.

Strengthen the immune system & slow the development of AIDS : Bird’s nest can be used for different age groups for both men and women. Eating bird’s nest restores patients’ health after surgery and after illness. Especially Treat the immune system and endocrine system function. Recently, it has been suggested that bird’s nest helps you limit the development of AIDS by activating cell division in the immune system.

▌ How to use refined white bird’s nest in the simplest and most effective way?

For children

Stage Amount used Effects / Notes
Babies under 12 months old X Salanganes’Nest should not be used because the body’s function is not complete, the digestive system is weak so it cannot absorb the nutrients in bird’s nest.
Children from 1 year of age or older 2-3g / time, use every other day or 2 times / week. Enhancing immune system, intellectual and physical development.

For Pregnant Women

Stage Amount used Effects / Notes
1 – 3
In this period should not use bird’s nest.


3 – 7
Mothers should use regularly about 6 – 7g every day. On average, about 100g of bird’s nest per month. At this stage, the fetal digestive system is stable, the immune system begins to develop, so it is necessary to supplement the nutrition.
8 – 9
Mothers should reduce the dose to about 5g bird’s nest. Should use every day, an average of about 70g oats a month. At this stage the fetus is fully developed, the baby spends most of his time sleeping. So during this period, the addition of many nutrients is not necessary.

For the elderly

  • Use 5g / time and use every other day.

For sick people

  • Patients who are in the treatment phase should use 1 cup soup Bird’s nest distilled rock sugar daily, average about 150g of bird’s nest per month.

Why should you buy Refined Crumbs White Bird’s Nest at Nha Trang Salanganes House?

On the market today, there are many nutritious drinking water products from bird’s nests with a variety of types, prices and quality. Therefore, customers will be very difficult to choose and find a quality product like that.

So how to buy quality Refined Crumbs White Bird’s Nest with good price? The easiest is that you should find a reliable address to choose to buy Nha Trang Salanganes House – one of the long-term oats farmers in Khanh Hoa and specializing in supplying products from reputable bird’s nests across the country – will be the best choice for customers.

With clear origin

  • Nha Trang Salanganes House Co., Ltd is one of the units that successfully studied and lured the bird’s nest into the house since 2005 in Nha Trang city. So far Nha Trang Salanganes House has owned and put into operation 12 bird houses in Nha Trang city
  • Key business products: Bird’s nest and products from bird’s nest. All products have been certified by the Ministry of Health – the Department of Food Safety to announce compliance with food safety regulations.
  • Achieve the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008.
  • The swallow bird nest products of Nha Trang Salanganes House are present in big cities such as Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh, and Vinmart supermarket system nationwide.

With guaranteed quality

  • Principle of action: Always the best companion to community health care. With a 300% money back guarantee if counterfeit goods are found
  • Food safety management system complies with ISO 22000: 2005

With after sales service and optimal customer care

  • Customers will be able to buy quality products at the most competitive prices in the market.
  • With a team of experienced and skilled consultants, we are committed that the customers who come to Nha Trang Nha Trang will be well cared for and dedicated.
  • Attractive reward policy for old customers

Our commitment

  • Support advice and answer questions related to bird’s nest products 24/7.

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