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Trading, exchanging products are common problems in daily trading. And one of the difficulties of consumers is that after buying the product, they feel not satisfied, want to change and choose other products or want to change products …

Understanding this need, we have developed and implemented a flexible return and exchange policy . This is considered a gift for dear customers.

To better understand this return and exchange policy , please read the following carefully.


    • Redeem only once.
    • Free shipping on exchange.
    • Only change delivery when the customer gives a good reason: Want to choose a more advanced product, not satisfied with the quality (toughness, aroma, cracked oats, mold, discoloration …)
    • No refund if you exchange the product with a value lower than the purchased product.
    • For first-time buyers: only exchange when the bird’s nest is intact with price stamps, sealing tape, anti-counterfeiting stamps, brand identity on the box and supplementary labels on the bottom of the box.
    • With regular customers: you can return unsatisfied swallow nest. After quantitative weighing, the company will return the same amount of oats or depending on the customer’s request for satisfactory handling.
    • Exchange period: within 07 days (from the date of purchase).
    • Contact dealers or stores of Nha Trang Yen Restaurant nearest to return.

If you have any questions, please contact the hotline: 0258 3 896 669

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