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In the order for you to easily choose the product to buy quickly and conveniently, we would like to guide ordering Bird’s Nest through the following article.


▌ Order & Pay online

This is the most convenient and fastest way of ordering in all modes, along with attractive offers.

▌ Order by phone and email

In addition to going directly to the Company’s showrooms to view and purchase, you can order via email, phone, we will advise on the product, instructions on payment methods and choosing delivery methods. Fast, most convenient for you.

You can contact the following phone numbers for advice and order: 02583 896 669

▌ Delivery policy

Free 100% for any order on the list “Bird’s Nest”, with other categories, we will charge delivery depending on the value of the order.

Delivery time:

    • In Saigon & Nha Trang:  from 1-2 days.
    • In other city areas: 2 – 7 days

▌ Payment

Nha Trang Salanganes House Co., Ltd is pleased to deliver products to you. Free shipping for bird’s nest products safely and quickly.

Area of ​​Nha Trang City, Da Nang City, Ho Chi Minh City: we accept orders, delivery within 24 hours and you will pay on delivery. In other provinces, please transfer and order before 03 days.

When ordering, please provide us with accurate information including:

    • Full name of receiver
    • Address
    • Phone
    • Date and time of receipt

(Any deviations, we are not responsible for product safety)

The company’s account will be provided by the consultant when trading.


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