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Product specifications

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Today, Salanganes’Nest is quite popular in the market with many diverse and diversified product lines in both design and quality, which raises concerns about fake goods, poor quality goods … Therefore, the selection of the nest Quality oats is something that consumers are particularly interested in.

Nha Trang Salanganes House Company is one of the reputable units, leading in the swiftlet farming industry in Khanh Hoa province. The company specializes in providing high quality types of bird’s nest and quality products from bird’s nest to suit your needs. Therefore, consumers are completely confident in our products.

As we all know,  Product specifications are standards and measures to help consumers identify the product brand. Therefore, in order to help customers distinguish the quality products of Nha Trang Salanganes House brand, we would like to share our identification through the following product specifications .


  1. Includes of each bird’s nest product sold:
    • Bird’s nest is packed in rectangular, round, square plastic containers.
    • On the lid is embossed logo, NhaTrang Salanganes House brand name and company website address.
    • Back box with price stamps, anti-counterfeiting stamps, sealing tape specific NhaTrang Salanganes House logo .
    • Box bottom embossed with logo, company website address.
    • Product labels are placed on the bottom of the bird’s nest box.
  1. Packing specifications
  2. Paper box and handbag
  • Sample 1: Light yellow hard paper box, on the lid of the box is printed with emulsion of gold logo and Nha Trang Salanganes House brand . Slogan “Loc Thien Tinh Hoa Phuc” .
  • Sample 2: Hard gold-colored solid paper box. On the lid, the logo and the brand Nha Trang Salanganes House are embossed . The inside of the box lid has the company website address printed.
  • Each box model will come with 1 paper bag of the same color.
  • The box On the left is the yellow emulsion box with all information about the Company.
  1. User manual

Each bird’s nest product is always accompanied with a user manual.

*** Note: You should only buy and use the above products with full specifications stated.

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